Aspire Engineering is a specialist in sustainable engineering solutions. We have extensive experience in the electric vehicle industry; Aspire is a former division of MCT ReMan Ltd ( called ETS (Engineering Technology Services). Aspire was born as a separate entity specialising in manufacturing electrical motors and sustainable engineering solutions in 2015.

MCT ReMan has over 50 years’ experience in the automotive industry known for its engine and gearbox remanufacture. With a stellar reputation, its ETS division became an incubator of new technologies for innovators. From there, Aspire was formed as an independent legal entity with the goal of supporting MCT’s business diversification and growth strategy. This heritage and long traditional of excellence informs all Aspire products and services. Today, we use our remanufacturing know-how to fuel our development into a leading UK service provider of zero emissions drivetrain products.

Dedicated to the electric vehicle industry

Aspire provides sustainable engineering solutions in the electric vehicle industry to compliment MCT ReMan Ltd’s mechanical powertrain products remanufacturing for the automotive sector for the major OEMs.

Having broadened our extensive knowledge of sustainable engineering solutions, supply chain and manufacturing expertise, we assist innovative small companies to bring their products to market.

By maintaining systematic quality processes to technical standard TS16949 and environmental standard ISO14001, Aspire currently manufactures electric motors, electric quad bikes and electric watercrafts to the same quality processes required by major automotive manufacturers.

Our strategy is to extend our experience of high quality sustainable engineering into the manufacture and remanufacture of zero emissions products that contribute to the UK through focusing on UK manufacturing, UK supply chain and UK project partners that have innovative products that benefit the environment.