ASAP Watercraft designed and manufactured a unique electric watercraft that is now being used in both the rescue and leisure sectors Company owner, Ross Kemp, seen below with one of his Rescue E-Watercrafts, started his business development back in 2012 securing awards and endorsements for his truly innovative design. His first major endorsement came from none other than the business legend Sir Richard Branson who went on to say…

Aspire Engineering Ltd have engaged with ASAP Watercrafts to assist with the development of the E-Watercrafts to ensure that the product can be assembled in the most cost effective manner, supported by the assembly and test protocols that are controlled to automotive quality accreditation standards.

Ross, as with all great innovators, will be able to focus on developing the next generation E-Watercraft with the security that his product is being assembled to the highest quality levels.AspireEngineering continue to work very closely with our customer for us to stay aligned to support their growing sales profile.

Aspire Engineering recently supported the assembly of three E-Watercrafts that were used at Newquay Leisure Centre as part of their cave tour activities.
More information on E-ATV’s can be found at the ASAP Watercrafts Website.