Ecocharger is a specialist British manufacturer and designer of world leading electric all-terrain-vehicles (E- ATV).

To enable Ecocharger to stay aligned to their business growth plan, they engaged with Aspire Engineering Ltd to overcome a manufacturing capacity constraint. Ecocharger can now stay focused on their manufacturing strategy and realise their full business potential.

Aspire integrated with Ecocharger in a series of workshops at their facility to ensure that a full knowledge transfer took place through multi mediums that enabled Aspire to document in to a series of manufacturing process procedures, supported by the assembly and test protocols that are controlled to automotive quality accreditation standards.

With the Aspire assembly facility aligned to our customers’ requirements, work continues to refine the production processes to improve the assembly efficiency which will provide our customer with cost savings and the ability to increase capacity to support their growing sales profile. Our customer can now focus on their development of the next generation E-ATV knowing that their product is being assembled to the highest automotive quality levels.

Shown below are the first eight E-ATV’s assembled at the Aspire manufacturing facility that where exported to a customer in Hungary. Aspire are delighted to have supported our customer with achieving this export order and we continue to support Ecocharger move forward with their next project.

More information on E-ATV’s can be found at the Ecocharger Website.