If you have the goal of making your operations more sustainable, helping to improve your value, Aspire Engineering can help. Businesses across a huge variety of industries are realising that the resources they depend on are finite. Adopting a circular supply chain that considers this throughout the whole life-cycle of each product is better prepared to weather future changes.

When you want to embrace the circular supply chain movement, we have the expertise you need to deploy this cultural shift across your operations. Transitioning from linear to circular can be a challenge but the result is a modern approach that’s prepared for a future where there won’t be unlimited access to resources. We work across the whole of circular supply chains with our clients to deliver solutions that match their needs, sector and business opportunities.


Within some businesses current product specifications aren’t compatible with a circular supply chain mind set. Remanufacturing addresses these issues and provides a way for businesses to meet legislative regulations, such as waste management, WEEE, battery directives, and end of vehicle like. We’ll help you rebuild your product specifications to combine the right mix of reused, repaired and new parts, removing those components that prevent a circular supply chain. Our team of experts can provide support from the assessment process right through to the delivery of a remanufacturing production program.

Design for remanufacture support

When you’re embarking on a design process, there are lot of different elements to consider. Designing your product with sustainability in mind is a critical element and Aspire Engineering can support this process with our design for remanufacture expertise. We will provide you with access to the experienced professionals that will provide the support that is vital to remanufacture a variety of products with a circular mind-set at its core.


Recycling has become one of the most common ways to embrace a circular approach throughout the economy and manufacturing is no different. We’ll help you identify those areas where you can improve your recycling operations to reclaim the raw materials that are essential to your business operations so they can be repurposed for new products.


Complementing the remanufacturing and recycling initiatives, reusing should also be a core part of a business’ goals when they’re striving to achieve a circular supply chain. Aspire Engineering provide ‘second life’ solutions such as energy storage and charging applications using electric vehicle battery systems. Our expert team is on hand to help you assess and put in place initiatives to reuse existing products to extend their lifecycle, reduce costs and lower emissions while simultaneously adding value.

Reverse engineering for obsolescence management

When items or raw materials are lost during the manufacturing process, reverse engineering for obsolescence management can help you identify why it’s occurring and create solutions that minimise the loss. With our support, you can replace outdated processes, improve your capabilities, and extend project lifespan.

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is a vital process for creating a circular supply chain within many manufacturing businesses. It identifies the products and materials at the end of their lifecycle, creating a plan for how they can be reused, recycled, or properly disposed of to capture the maximum value possible.


If you’re ready to embrace a circular supply chain, our team is on hand to help now. Contact us to get started on [email protected] or by calling us on 01934 533305.