Having worked with a wide range of businesses and industries to create tailored plans, solutions and innovations, the team behind Aspire Engineering is well placed to deliver expert consultancy services. Working across a range of different areas, we match you to those professionals that can have a positive impact on your business operations.

Build to print from sub-assemblies to vehicle level

Our ‘build to print’ services are designed to support our customers’ requirements to protect their intellectual property. Aspire have innovative processes to ensure our customers prototyping and production development of their products are managed confidentially. We understand that in competitive industries keeping one step ahead of rivals is vital. Our commitment to protecting your innovative ideas means you can rest assured that we’ll deliver your components without the risk of your ideas being copied or stolen.

Design to manufacture

Our experienced consultants can help your organisation reduce the cost of product parts and minimise the complexity of each task by offering reliable, expert advice on design to manufacture services. Our goal is to help you engineer the products and parts you need for the lowest price possible, without compromising on service standards or quality assurance. From reviewing the raw materials used through to assessing how the final product is packaged and delivered, we full support with a holistic approach to your manufacturing lifecycle.

Design for assembly

Our design for assembly consultancy service is designed to refine and optimise the assembly process for your product. We evaluate where changes can be made to improve efficiency. Whether that’s reducing the number of overall parts or improving component parts to allow for quicker installation, we help you become more time and cost effective every step of the way. We consider a variety of areas within the assembly process, including how easy the parts are to transport and how they will be storied, to deliver bespoke design to assembly solutions.

Risk management

All businesses face risks but with expert level consultancy services, you can ensure that you’re well prepared and take steps to mitigate risks where possible. Aspire Engineering works with a wide range of manufacturing businesses – we use this knowledge every day, putting our detailed industry expertise and critical eye to work to identify risks and devise risk reduction strategies accordingly.

Quality management systems expertise

Quality is integral to business success but if you’re worried about how quality could be affected by changes elsewhere in your systems, processes and manufacturing processes, quality management systems expertise can help. We can assess and evaluate your existing quality management systems and provide actionable recommendations to improve or maintain them when adjustments happen elsewhere. Our service allows you to progress without worrying how your final product will be affected.


If you need smart, experienced consultancy services, contact us today on [email protected] or by calling us on 01934 533305.