Aspire Engineering crafts complete, bespoke manufacturing solutions at every stage of your business process. Our solutions are tailored to deliver clear, practical results and designed to help you meet your goals.

Our manufacturing services are varied, encompassing ‘build to print’ components right through to vehicle level. We support the requirements of our customers while protecting their intellectual property (IP). We can use your CAD or drawings to provide full low-volume manufacture support that provides the ultimate protection of your IP by innovative means covering prototype, pre-productions, and production. We have the ability to work on assemblies of any size and to your exact specification and requirements, allowing you to set the scale of partnership.

Design for manufacture support

When your goal is to reduce the costs associated with manufacturing products or components, our design for manufacture support service is key. Our experienced team is on hand to offer full solutions that consider material, dimensional tolerance, and secondary processing areas. We can also assist with design failure mode and effect analysis (DFMEA) to help you mitigate design risks before they become an issue. Our service aims to equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions moving forward.

Design for assembly support

We recognise and understand the importance of assembly in any manufacturing process. Our specialist services are designed to provide targeted assistance to the areas that you need it. With our expert guidance, you can reduce your assembly complexity and process times while maintaining your high standards and quality assurance processes across your entire product range.

Mechanical and electrical engineering support

If you work within mechanical and electrical engineering, we’ve got the experience that you could benefit from. From streamlining the assembly process, to improving manufacturing, and developing prototyping strategies, we have the skills and talent that could help your mechanical and electrical process move to the next level.

Manufacturing guidance

The manufacturing industry requires multiple decisions to be made across various processes and components. Our team is well placed to provide you with expert level guidance when you need it. Our tailored service can cover all aspects of the manufacturing process, from material selection and design optimisation through to legislative requirements and the actual task of manufacturing.

Streamlining assembly process

With more effective processes, you can improve your manufacturing output and reduce costs, adding value to your business. We commit the time and motion studies to help you streamline your assembly process, providing expert support that’s deeply considered where you’ll most benefit from engineering, manufacture, and assembly support.


If you want to discuss how your manufacturing project and processes could benefit from Aspire Engineering expertise, you can contact us today on [email protected] or by calling us on 01934 533305.