The act of managing a project is one that demands a multitude of skills and capabilities and is something that not every firm is equipped to do in house. Our team of experienced manufacturing professionals can help you manage a huge variety of projects. Because we already have the right skills and tools in place, working with Aspire Engineering is an effective, efficient way to reduce costs, improve values and help ensure you meet agreed milestones. With our targeted support and adaptable approach, our team of project managers can expertly guide your project, identifying potential risks, value adding opportunities, and more to help you meet your commitments and keep your promises to clients.

Automotive grade processes

When you want to enhance the reliability and lifetime expectancy of your products, automotive grade processes can boost your offering. The vehicle industry has to offer both these key factors to attract and maintain am engaged, loyal and repeat customer base. We can help you adapt the leading rigorous methods used to design, create, and test vehicles to suit your business.


Advanced product quality planning (ADQP) takes a structured approach to the product and design process, ensuring the highest standards of quality are reached. With a goal of facilitating more effective communication, APQP can help you to support innovation and improve customer satisfaction. Our team has experience of using APQP in a range of settings and with their skills you can cut risks throughout the process of creating a new product.

PRINCE2 principles

Widely used across Europe, there’s a reason that many businesses deploy the project management frameworks outlined in the PRINCE2 principle to successfully take their projects from concept to completion. With the ability to adapt depending on scope, our professionals can use the PRINCE2 principle to ensure any size project reaches its full potential to deliver your business value.

New product introduction

In a competitive market, rapidly launching you latest innovations is essential to ensure you stay ahead of rivals. Our new product introduction (NPI) service is designed for firms that want to take advantage of rapid research and development, prototyping and production planning capabilities. With our support you can rest assured that your new product will be ready to launch on time, to budget and to your quality standards.

Pilot line introduction

If your project requires a pilot line introduction, our team is ready to help. We can support you in identifying the optimal manufacturing processes, assessing value, creating opportunities for cost reduction and more, allowing you to fully analyse how your product will perform in a wider launch.

Risk assessment

Within any project there are risks. We’re experts at identifying risks throughout the project timeline and creating ways to mitigate these. We’ll work with you from the outset to ensure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.


Want to take advantage of our project management experience? Reach out to our team today on [email protected] or by calling us on 01934 533305.