Aston University Testimonial

I have worked alongside with Aspire Engineering in the context of a research project, but also in other research initiatives. The experience was a very positive one. It was not just the level of expertise and professionalism, but also their genuine interest in working closely and collaboratively with the university, always willing to offer support. A great partner to work with.

ASAP Watercraft testimonial

ASAP Water crafts

Assembling our products ourselves was becoming something which took up nearly all of my time, as well as something we knew we weren’t doing very efficiently. Since working with Aspire this has allowed my business to focus more on growth, sales and our next models. Aspire has not only added lots of value in product assembly, but also in their network and contacts. They have thoroughly supported us in our early stages of manufacture to help get production off the ground. Without Aspire’s support our growth would be very slow – whereas we are now working closely with Ian and his team to accelerate production, and have some really exciting plans for the future with our leisure and rescue water craft.